Research topics

My research is on experimental psychology and neuroscience of body representation, touch perception, and pain. My fields of research are roughly outlined in this diagram.


The table shows a selection of publications. For a full list, visit here

Title Fulltext Data

Martel, M., Fuchs, X., Trojan, J., Gockel, V., Habets, B., & Heed, T. (2021). Illusory tactile movement crosses arms and legs and is coded in external space. BioRxiv, 2021.05.20.445020.

Fuchs, X., Diers, M., Trojan, J., Kirsch, P., Milde, C., Bekrater-Bodmann, R., Rance, M., Foell, J., Andoh, J., Becker, S., & Flor, H. (2021). Phantom limb pain after unilateral arm amputation is associated with decreased heat pain thresholds in the face. European Journal of Pain.

Riemer, M., Trojan, J., Beauchamp, M., & Fuchs, X. (2019). The rubber hand universe: On the impact of methodological differences in the rubber hand illusion. Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews, 104, 268–280.

Fuchs, X., Flor, H., & Bekrater-Bodmann, R. (2018). Psychological Factors Associated with Phantom Limb Pain: A Review of Recent Findings. Pain Research & Management, 2018.

Fuchs, X., Riemer, M., Diers, M., Flor, H., & Trojan, J. (2016). Perceptual drifts of real and artificial limbs in the rubber hand illusion. Scientific Reports, 6, 24362.


I have several years of experience in teaching in cognitive neuroscience and psychology. Aside from basics of biopsychology and cognitive psychology, I lecture about body representation, tactile perception, and pain research.